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Bridges are a great way to restore the gaps in your smile discreetly. Traditional bridges are simple in how they are placed, but also very effective in replacing missing teeth. They are fixed devices, unlike dentures, and are a less expensive (and less invasive) alternative to dental implants.

What are Bridges?

Though there are four different types of bridges, the traditional bridge is made up of one false tooth, called a pontic. Two crowns cover the teeth on either side of the pontic, anchoring the bridge. These anchors are called abutment teeth.

Like dental crowns, the pontic can be crafted from ceramic, porcelain, metal alloys, gold, or acrylic. For cosmetic considerations, the color of ceramic and porcelain bridges can be matched to your original teeth.

Reasons for a Dental Bridges

Bridges can keep your teeth from shifting to compensate for those gaps created by missing teeth. Shifting teeth can disrupt the form of your bite and can impede your speech.

Meanwhile, spaces between your teeth also increase your risk of gum disease due to receding gums, which can create pockets of bacteria in the gum tissue.

Benefits of Bridges

  • Prevent Dental Shifting
  • Preserve Chewing Ability
  • Restore Bite Function
  • Restore Your Speech
  • Restore Your Smile

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