Dr. Paul Weintraub was born on the mean streets of Las Vegas where he would eventually attend dental school at UNLV. For the past decade, he has dedicated himself to the field of dentistry in Texas, where he has built a reputation for his exceptional care and expertise. As a compassionate and skilled dentist, Dr. Paul is a proud member of the Texas Dental Association and always puts the care of his patients above all else. Beyond his professional life, Paul finds solace and joy in his hobbies. When he's not attending to his patients, he can often be found indulging in the thrilling sport of frisbee golf or immersing himself in the world of record collecting. Although you may not be able to tell by looking at him, Dr. Paul can also run really, really fast. Paul's commitment to both his profession and his personal interests is a testament to his well-rounded nature and unwavering dedication to his craft.