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Keep your teeth in top shape with our routine dental care services

Behind every beautiful smile is a healthy mouth. You can keep your mouth and teeth healthy with routine dental care. Hollytree Dental provides dental care for people of all ages in Tyler, TX. We handle everything from preventive care to professional teeth cleaning. We'll ensure that your teeth, gums and oral tissues are healthy and clean.

Contact our office to schedule routine dental care and professional teeth cleaning today.

When do we offer restorative dental care?

When tooth issues arise, you can rely on us to provide prompt restorative care to help you feel better. We offer restorative care to:

  • Diagnose tooth pain or gum disease
  • Remove and replace decay
  • Provide root canal therapy
  • Replace chipped teeth

Are you experiencing tooth pain or discomfort? Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment. Be sure to keep up with routine dental care to avoid dental problems in the future.